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Evolution of our School

This school was a brainchild of Mr. Harnett, the then higher official of Kanchrapara Railway Workshop. It started its journey as a primary school in 1888 and was named Kanchrapara Harnett School after Mr. Harnett. In 1921 the school was elevated to the status of a Secondary school and was renamed as Kanchrapara Harnett High School.

The school has an incredible heritage and a hoary tradition and this has been possible because of the strenuous endeavour of the teaching and non-teaching staff since years'.

The Teachers are adapted and strive for the best. In spite of the recurring hike in the number of students and other problems they give their efforts to build up a communicative bridge with other students. This is evident in grand success in the results of M.P (10std.) and H.S. (10+2std.) Examination.

The school has arranged for well-equipped laboratory facilities, hygienic drinking water and beautiful playground for the students.

Our school is one of the selected 100 schools in West Bengal to arrange for better computer education for the students with the aid provided by the Govt. We provide e-mail and internet facilities. The computer sets are protected in a beautifully furnished computer-room.

In sports and games our school has reached almost the peak. The performance is simply brilliant at zonal, district and even state levels.

Our mission is the all-round physical and mental development of the students. We aim at curricular and extra-curricular excellence. We have achieved a lot, but many more yet to be achieved. We anticipate the co-operation of the students, the guardians and the local people. We swear, our school remains as the emblem of dignity and status.